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The term "Ren" has several meanings:

* "Ren" is the heroine of the anime, manga and video game DearS, whose full name is "Ren Ren Ren Nagusaran Renshia Rurunnren Nakora". One of the DearS deemed "defective" by the DearS Community, she has been classified as #000-3901 of the "Zero Numbers. Ironically, in the native language of the DearS race, the word "Ren" means "zero".

* "Ren" Höek is a character on the cartoon ''Ren and Stimpy''.

* Tao "Ren" (Len Tao) is a character in ''Shaman King''.

* "Ren", son of Primus, is the main protagonist on the animated series ''The Pirates of Dark Water''.

*"Ren" is a part of the soul in Egyptian mythology

* In computing, "" is a command used to rename files under MS-DOS and Microsoft Windows, among others. Proper syntax is generally:

:: ''oldname'' ''newname''

:In UNIX-like systems, such as Linux and BSD, the command is used instead. There is also a command in DOS and Windows. cannot be used to move files between directories, but can be used to rename them.

* For the Confucian concept "''Ren"'' (仁), see Confucianism.

* "ren", in anatomy, a kidney.

* Ren Stevens a character from Even Stevens

* It is an acroynm fo...

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