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:''For the television show, see The Replacements (show)

"The Replacements" (also known as "The 'Mats" or "The Mats", from the insult of a detractor who joked the band's name was 'The Placemats', which the band then adopted) were a seminal alternative rock band from Minneapolis, Minnesota. They began as a punk rock outfit, along with other hometown heroes Hüsker Dü, but they gradually shifted to a more mainstream, blues-influenced rock style. Loud and exuberant, the band featured guitarist and vocalist Paul Westerberg, guitarist Bob Stinson, bassist Tommy Stinson, and drummer Chris Mars. Bassist Tommy Stinson was just 12 years old when the group first formed.

The band drew most of their limited popularity from teenagers and people in their early twenties, as a huge bulk of their songs pertained to teenaged angst and desired independence, especially in their earlier days. Songs such as "Kids Don't Follow" and "Bastards of Young" showed the bands desire to almost remain as freespirited children. The band showed up drunk to many of their live performances in which they just did drunken covers of songs.

The Replacements would release seven albums and one EP in the ten ...

years active 1979 – 1991
status Dissolved
country Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States
music genre Rock music
current members Paul Westerberg
Bob Stinson
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source: Wikipedia