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Revolting Cocks

"Revolting Cocks" (often abbreviated "Revco") are an American industrial band that began as a musical side-project for Alain Jourgensen (Ministry) and Luc Van Acker.

The group was founded in 1985 by Jourgensen and Belgians Luc Van Acker, Patrick Codenys and Richard 23 (Front 242). The first release was ''No Devotion'' on Wax Trax records.

Losing Richard 23 and Patrick Codenys after some creative differences, the group's remaining two members were augmented by a rapidly changing set of musicians centered around Chris Connelly (Fini Tribe, later Damage Manual), Paul Barker (Ministry), Duane Buford, and Bill Rieflin (who is now playing for REM), with around twenty others as irregular contributors or guest artists.

The single was quickly followed by an album ''Big Sexy Land'' in 1986, followed by a live album ''You Goddamned Son of a Bitch'' in 1987 and ''Beers, Steers, and Queers'' in 1989. After a hiatus, ''Linger Ficken' Good'', was released in 1993 - this would be Revolting Cocks' last album for over 10 years.

The first album was a mix of industrial, dance and techno, with sampling and strong synthesized beats dominating. The live album, with the change in perso...

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