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: ''For the motor racing simulation game, see REVS. For the Major League Soccer team, see New England Revolution.''

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"Revs" is a graffiti artist in New York City who is famous for his huge roller pieces on old buildings.

REVS is a prolific NYC graffiti artist who has more recently adopted mixed mediums in his visual repertoire. He has said that REVS is short for REVLON, and he began writing after having an epiphany upon the Manhattan Bridge, but more information is scarce. He began in the mid 80's and eventually met up with fellow artist COST. The two formed a duo and began their massive collaborative work. COST and REVS are famous for their massive "roller letters" style, and the unique and varied locations of their work (underground tunnels, abandoned subway stations, marshlands of new jersey, 8 story high brick walls). Roller letters are made not from aeresol cans (spraypaint) but by bucket paint and rollers. The mere size (entire lengths of buildings, sometimes blocks) and unusual locations of these works contributed to the sense of wonder they inspire in the viewer. ...

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