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"Rheostatics" are a Canadian indie rock band. Although they have had only one Top 40 hit ("Claire" in 1995), they were simultaneously one of Canada's most influential and most unconventional rock bands in the 1990s, a band whose defiantly quirky, yet compelling, take on pop and rock music has been described both as iconic and iconoclastic.

Formed in the early 1980s in Etobicoke, Ontario, ''Rheostatics and the Trans-Canada Soul Patrol'' consisted of guitarist Dave Bidini, bassist Tim Vesely, drummer Dave Clark and a large horn section. However, the horn section soon proved too unwieldy, and guitarist Martin Tielli was brought in to replace them.

They released a number of independent singles, and the three song demo ''Canadian Dream''. The best-known of these early singles was "The Ballad of Wendel Clark, Parts 1 & 2", an ode to the Toronto Maple Leafs player Wendel Clark, which became the band's first hit on campus radio and CFNY. In 1987, these songs were collected as the band's debut album, ''Greatest Hits''. (Only 1,000 copies of this album were pressed and released originally, and quickly sold out. However, the album was rereleased in 1996.)

In 1991, the band sign...

years active Early 1980s – present
country Etobicoke, Ontario
status Active
music genre "Cultish Canadian Shield Art-Rock"
current members Dave Bidini
Martin Tielli
Tim Vesely
Michael Phillip Wojewoda
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia