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Richard Hell

Richard Hell (born October 2, 1949) is the stage name of Richard Meyers, an American singer, songwriter and writer, probably best-known as frontman for the early punk band The Voidoids. Their 1977 album, Blank Generation, contained many elements that would become identified with punk, from the nihilism of the title track (a play off of Rod McKuen?'s 1959 spoken-word song Beat Generation) to the frantic energy of the anti-romantic anthem, "Love Comes in Spurts", though the album itself does not have what has come to be known as a punk sound.

Hell was an originator of the punk fashion look, the first to spike his hair and wear torn, cut and drawn-on shirts, often held together with safety pins. Malcolm McLaren?, designer of the Sex Pistols, has said Hell was the inspiration for the Sex Pistols's look and attitude, as well as the safety-pin accessorized clothing McLaren? sold in his London shop, Sex.

Since the late eighties Hell has made his ...

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