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Richard Shindell

"Richard Shindell" (born 1960, Lakehurst, New Jersey) is an American folk singer currently living in Argentina.

Shindell's songwriting often involves storytelling from a first-person point of view: from an INS officer and illegal immigrant in "Fishing," to a World War II soldier in "Sparrow's Point," to a Confederate Drummerboy in "Arrowhead," to a jilted lover in "My Love Will Follow You," to a Spanish grandmother in "Abuelita," to a power broker in "Confession."

Shindell collaborated with Dar Williams, and Lucy Kaplansky to form the group Cry Cry Cry. On their eponymous 1998 album, Cry Cry Cry covered an eclectic mix of songwriters, from the famous R.E.M. to the lesser known folk singer James Keelaghan. The trio toured in support of their album, but later resumed their solo careers and have not mentioned plans for future work together.

Shindell's career received a boost in 1997 when Joan Baez recorded three of his songs ("Fishing", "Reunion Hill" and "Money for Floods") for her album Gone from Danger, and invited the aspiring singer-songwriter to join her 1997-98 tour.


*''Sparrows Point'' (1992)

*''Blue Divide'' (1994)

*''Reunion Hill'' (August 19,...

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