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"Ringworm" is a metalcore band formed in Cleveland, Ohio in 1991. The band has toured extensively in the United States, Australia, New Zealand, and Europe and has released their last two albums on Victory Records. Guitarist Frank Novinec has also played with Hatebreed.

*Human Furnace (James Bulloch) - vocals

*Frank "3-Gun" Novinec - guitars

*Matt Sorg - guitars

*Aaron Ramirez - bass

*Chris Dora - drums

*Danny Zink - drums

*Mike Lare - bass

*1995 - ''Flatline'' (Lost and Found Records)

*1996 - ''The Promise'' (Incision Records)

*2001 - ''Birth Is Pain'' (Victory Records)

*2005 - ''Justice Replaced by Revenge'' (Victory Records)

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