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"Riot" is a heavy metal band formed in New York City in 1975, the brainchild of guitarist Mark Reale. Reaching a peak in popularity in the early eighties, they have continued a long-running career punctuated by personnel and management instability.

They began when Kon-Tiki members Mark Reale (guitar) and Peter Bitelli (drums) recruited Phil Fiet (bass) and Guy Speranza (vocals) and recorded a four-track demo which they hoped would be included in a proposed compilation of new rock bands. While waiting for the project to get off the ground they added Steve Costello on keyboards.

Reale took the various demos to New York based producer Steve Loeb who also owned Greene Street Recording Studio and independent label Fire-Sign Records. Loeb turned down the compilation proposal but signed Riot alone which began his almost two decade association with Mark Reale. The band added second guitarist Louie Kouvais, replaced Fiet with Jimmy Iommi and recorded debut album ''Rock city''. After a promising start and support slots with AC/DC and Molly Hatchet, the band were unable to maintain momentum, and were on the verge of breaking up for good by 1979.

In that year however, the New W...

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