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The "Riptides" were largely a vehicle for the immense song-writing talents of Mark Callahan but over a career spanning 6 years from 1979 to 1983 the band also featured a number of excellent musicians including Howard Shawcross and Russell Parkhouse. Parkhouse is an extraordinary keyboard player and subsequently played amongst other bands with The Mexican Spitfires.

Callaghan went on to find commercial success with Gangajang but the sometime surf inspired but always inspiration pop sensibilties of The Riptides had a fun loving and naivete which could not be surpassed.

The Riptides developed a certain cult status in their home city of Brisbane, Australia. Even during the Gangajang years, The Riptides would regulalry reform to do a tour of universities during Orientation Week. A live album, "Riptides Resurface" captures the energy of these almost annual reformations.

For more on the band and a discography see "Who's Who of Australian Rock" Complied by Chris Spencer 2nd ed 1989 Five Mile Press.

The Riptides roller hockey team (2000-present) is based in Glastonbury, Connecticut.

Founded in 2000 by captains Chris La...

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