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Rita Guerra

< Unsourced image removed: thumb|right|200px|Rita Guerra. -->Rita Guerra (born Rita Maria de Azevedo Mafra Guerra on October 22, 1967) is a Portuguese singer.

Born and raised in Lisbon, she has been very successful in her home country of Portugal. She has long competed in the Portuguese national pre-selection for the Eurovision Song Contest. She first participated in 1992, making it to the national final. With the song "Meu amor inventado em mim" she reached second place. She finally sang in the Eurovision Song Contest 2003, in Riga, Latvia, where she finished 22nd with 13 points.

Rita Guerra is the owner of one of the most beautiful voices and one of the most stable careers in the Portuguese music scene. Since 1989, Rita is a regular feature on the shows of Casino do Estoril. She set foot for the first time on the casino’s stage side by side Adamo, a well known French singer. “Pormenores sem a minima importância” was her debut album, featuring Rui Veloso, a famous rock singer and composer, and the group Taxi. “Independence Day” was her second album, a CD released in 1995 sang only in E...

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Rita Guerra

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