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Robben Ford

Robben Ford

"Robben Ford" (born December 16, 1951) is a blues, jazz and rock guitarist.

He was born Woodlake, California and raised in Ukiah, taking guitar lessons at age 13 in 1965 and buying his first guitar at age 18 in 1969. His father Charles had his own Charles Ford Blues Band featuring Robben and his brothers Mark (mouthharp) and Patrick (drums). Today Patrick heads the Ford Blues Band starring Volker Strifler on guitar and vocals, who is also a co-guitarist for Robben.

Robben Ford gained worldwide fame playing guitar for Miles Davis on his tour 1986, for merging Blues and Jazz guitar playing in a new dramatic way. He also played on the records and tours of Jimmy Witherspoon, George Harrison, Joni Mitchell with Tom ScottĀ“s L.A. Express, and the Yellowjackets.

Ford released his first own album in 1972, called ''Discovering the Blues''. ''Schizophonic'' (1976) and his best album '' The Inside Story'' (1979) which was certified gold in 1980.

A brief 4 years later, he released ''Words and Music'' in 1983 and next was the self-titled album in 1986.

He released his next album called ''Talk to Your Daughter'' in 1988, which was certified gold in 1989. His best work ...

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