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Robert Schumann

"Robert Schumann" (June 8, 1810 – July 29, 1856) was a German composer and pianist. He was one of the most famous Romantic composers of the first half of the 19th century, as well as a famous music critic. An intellectual as well as an aesthete, his music, more than that of any other composer, reflects the deeply personal nature of Romanticism. Introspective and often whimsical, his early music was an attempt to break with the tradition of classical forms and structure which he thought too restrictive. Little understood in his lifetime, much of his music is now regarded as daringly original in harmony, rhythm and form. He stands in the front rank of German Romantics.


Robert Schumann was born on June 8, 1810 in Zwickau in Saxony. His father was a publisher, and it was in the cultivation of literature quite as much as in that of music that his boyhood was spent. Schumann himself said that he began to compose before his seventh year.

At fourteen he wrote an essay on the aesthetics of music and also contributed to a volume edited by his father and entitled "Portraits of Famous Men". While still at school in Zwickau he read, besides Friedrich Schiller...

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