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Robert Tepper

Robert Tepper (born Antoine Roberto Teppardo) is a one hit wonder singer, best known for his hit Rocky IV soundtrack smash, "No Easy Way Out."

Born in Bayonne, New Jersey, Tepper moved to New York City where he became a staff writer until he hooked up with fellow one hit warbler, Benny Mardones. Together they wrote Mardones' pop hit "Into the Night" which earned the pair a Grammy nomination.

In 1985, Tepper signed with Scotti Brothers and moved to Los Angeles. Mook thespian Sylvester Stallone was taken with Tepper's song "No Easy Way Out" and included it on the soundtrack for Rocky IV.

"No Easy Way Out" skyrocketed to the Top 30 in 1986, momentarily putting Robert in the public eye. After several failed singles and a second album, Modern Madness, that failed to chart, Tepper was dropped by Scotti Brothers.

Since that time, Tepper has worked as a songwriter in Nashville.

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Robert Tepper

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