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Roberto Vecchioni

Vecchioni was born in Carate Brianza, province of Milan, to a family of Neapolitan origin. In 1968 he graduated in Ancient Literatures at the Università Cattolica of Milan, where he remained for two years as assistent lecturer of History of Religions. Later he become literature and history teacher in a Milanese High School, an activity he never stopped.

His work for the Italian music world began in the late 1960s as songwriter for singers like Ornella Vanoni, Gigliola Cinguetti, Mina, Iva Zanicchi and others. His first solo album is ''Parabola'' of 1971. In 1973 he took part to the Sanremo Festival with "L'uomo che si gioca il futuro a dadi", continuing to released works as singer-songwriter in the following years. His 1974 LP, ''Il re non si diverte'', obtained the Best Year's Album Award from the Italian musical critics. In 1976 he published his first successful work, ''Elisir'', but he became famous only in the following year, with ''Samarcanda''. With this work Vecchioni gained a fame as one of the most skillful italian singer-songwriters: his inspiration draws mainly from autobiographical themes, intermingled with dreamy, literary and historical (often mythological...

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