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"Rocksteddy" is an alternative rock Filipino band recording on 12stone Records, which is a Sony-BMG imprint.

*Vocals: "Teddy Corpuz" (commercial model turned vocalist of the band)

*Bass: "Christian Sindico"

*Drums: "Jeff Cucullo"

*Rhythm guitar and back-up vocals: "Jowie Ramos"

*Lead guitar: "Juven Pelingon"

The band ROCKSTEDDY really doesn't possess much artistic talent and originality. Their popularity mostly rooted out of their vocalist's tv sitcoms/series appearances where he used his connections with network giants linked with commercial music labels. It is undeniably clear that this band pooled their resources in creating hype for themselves. Most fans enjoy their wit and humor comparing them to the Philippine's premier band, Parokya Ni Edgar.

Although their antics cover up for most of their on-stage flops, most possibly because they lack experience in bar gigs where most talented bands are discovered, some songs in their album reflect their raw, mostly copied style.

*''"tsubtsatagilidakeyn""'' (released January 26, 2006).

*# Gising Na

*# Lagi mo Nalang Akong

*# dine-DEADMA

*# dine-DEADMA

*# Tara Na

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