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Rocky Votolato

Texan born Rocky Votolato is a solo singer/songwriter based in Seattle. He formed the band Waxwing with brother Cody Votolato (of The Blood Brothers) in 1996, but after a few years, found that his changing lyrical style no longer fit the harder-hitting sound of his band.

In 1999, Votolato moved on to new musical territory and started playing under only his own name. He was helped along the way with many fine Seattle musicians, including players in the bands Red Stars Theory, Sharks Keep Moving, The Blood Brothers, Sub Pop solo artist Rosie Thomas, and the production expertise of engineer Matt Bayles.

Votolato's music consists of his voice, acoustic guitar, harmonica, with the occasional backup of light drums or electric bass.

Rocky also starred in the film The Edge of Quarrel.
Rocky was born on a horse farm in rural Texas in 1978 and is a father of two.

*S/T (1999) *Rocky V/Seth Warren 7" (1999) *A Brief History (2000) *Burning My Travels Clean Second Nature (LP) (2002) *The Light and the Sound (EP) (2003) *Suicide Medicine (2003) *Makers (2006)


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