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"Rooney" is a five-piece rock band from Los Angeles signed to Geffen Records. The band is composed of 5 members: Robert Carmine, Louie Stephens, Taylor Locke, Ned Brower, and Matthew Winter. The band is named after the character of "Principal Ed Rooney" in the 1986 film ''Ferris Bueller's Day Off''.

Their music is reminiscent of artists spanning from the 1960s to the 2000s. Although they have a distinct style, their sound has been compared to everything from The Beatles to The Cars to Blur. Having toured the nation with acts such as Weezer and The Strokes, Rooney manages to capture elements from the past four decades and make them sound modern today.

In 2004, they had a cameo appearance in an episode of ''The O.C.'', ''The Third Wheel''. Their song "Blueside" was featured on the Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2004 soundtrack.

In 2006, Rooney is slated to tour the U.S. with Kelly Clarkson in late June to early August.

The band will release their second album on October 10 2006.

Their song entitled "The Sleep Song" which is not featured on any album to this date, was included twice in the 2005 cult film The Chumscrubber and was subsequently searched out by many fans of...

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