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Rosetta Stone

: ''This article is about the late 1980s/1990s gothic rock band from Liverpool, UK. For the band featuring Ian Mitchell, see Rosetta Stone (1970s band).''

"Rosetta Stone" is a band formed in the mid 1980s around members Porl King (guitar/vocals/keyboards) and Carl North (bass), plus their drum machine and synthesiser rack nicknamed "Madame Razor". Their early style and first album reflected the jangly-guitar sounds of 1980s gothic rock, and their first big break was supporting The Mission.

In 1991 the band released their most successful single ''Adrenaline'', an indie dancefloor anthem which marked a change in direction for the band's sound and line-up. Porl Young (who had joined just after the recording of ''An Eye For The Main Chance'') left to produce Children On Stun whilst Porl King and Carl North remained to take the band into a more industrial sound.

1992 saw a cover version of The Rattles 1970 hit ''The Witch'' take the band into the UK top 40 singles chart.

With the advance for 1995's ''The Tyranny of Inaction'' Porl King purchased an Alesis ADAT multi-track digital recorder, the use of which substantially changed Rosetta Stone's sound. That album and ...

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