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Rosie Thomas

"Rosie Thomas" is an American singer-songwriter from Seattle.

She toured with the band Velour 100 in the late 1990s before deciding to go solo.

Her appearance on the song "Parking Lot", from Damien Jurado's album Ghost of David, brought her to the attention of famed record label Sub Pop who signed her in 2000.

Her debut album ''When We Were Small'' was released on 22 January, 2001. The album featured Eric Fisher (who Thomas met at performance art school in Seattle) on guitar and keyboards and Andy Myers on drums.

Fisher and Myers returned for 2003's follow-up ''Only With Laughter Can You Win''.

Thomas released her third album, ''If Songs Could Be Held'', in 2005.

Thomas also performs as a stand-up comedian under the name Sheila Saputo.

In April 2006, Pitchfork erroneously announced that Thomas and Sufjan Stevens were having a baby together, but were forced to print a retraction. Witmer and Thomas later admitted it was an April Fools' prank.

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