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Rotten Apples

Rotten Apples

"''Rotten Apples"'' is a greatest hits compilation album by the rock band the Smashing Pumpkins. In the US, it was released in 2001 together with ''Judas 0''. The Pumpkins' final recording, "Untitled", completed in the days leading up to the band's final concert at the Metro in Chicago, is the final track on the album, and was released as a single.

The ironic title of the album is the namesake of a popular Pumpkins' b-side that was released on the Tonight, Tonight single and serves as a metaphor for the band's career. Peaking at #31 in the U.S., the album has - as of May 2005 - sold 729,000 units.

There exist two versions of Rotten Apples, one is exclusive to the United States. The US version includes the songs "Siva" and "Landslide" which are replaced by "I Am One" and "Try, Try, Try" in the international version.

"U.S. version"

#"Siva" – 4:21

#"Rhinoceros" – 5:53

#"Drown" – 4:30

#"Cherub Rock" – 4:59

#"Today" – 3:22

#"Disarm" – 3:18

#"Landslide" – 3:10

#"Bullet With Butterfly Wings" – 4:17

#"1979" – 4:23

#"Zero" – 2:41

#"Tonight, Tonight" – 4:15

#"Eye" – 4:54

#"Ava Adore" – 4:21

#"Perfect" – 3:22


Type Compilation album
Artist The Smashing Pumpkins
Cover Smashing Pumpkins Greatest Hits album cover.jpg
Background Darkseagreen
Released November 20, 2001
Recorded 1991-2000
Genre Alternative rock
Length 74:10
Producer Billy Corgan, James Iha, Mark Ellis
Last album ''MACHINA II/The Friends & Enemies of Modern Music''
This album ''Rotten Apples/Judas 0''
Next album ''Rarities and B-Sides''
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia