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Rotting Christ

Rotting Christ is an Athens, Greece-based black metal band formed in 1987, although recent releases have greatly experimented with gothic metal. They are noteworthy as not only being Greece's most well known metal group but rock band as well.

The permanent line-up consists of brothers Necromayhem (born Sakis Tolis, June 29, 1972, Athens, Vocals and Guitar) and Necrosauron (born Themis Tolis, March 28, 1974, Athens, Drums). Andreas (born Andreas Lagios, November 11, 1972) has been the bassist since 1996.

In their nearly two decades of existence, the band started their demo days as a grindcore band, then became a raw black metal band, featuring some gothic metal and melancholic doom metal musical elements on later releases, almost doing away the black metal title, but not compromising their extreme sound.

The band's most recent album, Sanctus Diavolos, was released in late 2004 to mostly positive critical reception.

Rotting Christ recently recorded 2 shows in Larissa which will be featured on a live album due in late 2006.

  • Sakis Tolis - vocals/guitar 1987-
  • Andreas Lagios - bass 1996-
  • Gi...
    years active 1987 – present
    status Active
    origin Athens, Greece
    music genre Black metal
    Grindcore (early)
    current members Sakis Tolis
    Andreas Lagios
    Themis Tolis
    Giorgos Bokos
    license: GNU FDL
    source: Wikipedia

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