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Rudimentary Peni

"Rudimentary Peni" was a band that lurked in the shadows of success of the British anarcho-punk movement, occassionaly venturing into what would become to be known as deathrock. The band's lyrics alternate between witty macabre (written by Nick Blinko) and socio-political lyrics (written by Grant Matthews). Lead singer/guitarist, Nick Blinko is popular in the Art Brut scene and wrote an autobiographical novel entitled ''The Primal Screamer''. Blinko's lyrics and novel are both heavily influenced by Howard Phillips Lovecraft.

Musicians working in a variety of genres (from thrashcore to death metal to apocalyptic folk) have been influenced by the work of Rudimentary Peni. The legend created by Rudimentary Peni is thanks in part to their evasion of media coverage and the spread of misinformation. It is true that Blinko has struggled with mental illness all his life, and this is reflected in his musical and artistic efforts. In fact, "Pope Adrian 37th" was recorded while Blinko recovered from a lengthy illness, and is believed to be the only punk album ever made whilst a band member was being detained under Section 3 of the 1983 Mental Health Act. The subject matter of the album...

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