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Running Wild


Running Wild is one of several German power metal bands to emerge in the mid/late 1980s (along with Helloween, Rage, Blind Guardian, Grave Digger, etc). The band has carved its niche in the metal world as the first "pirate metal" band, a theme which took off with the release of Under Jolly Roger in 1987 (thus abandoning the satanic imagery of their earlier work). The band is still active today.

= *Rolf Kasparek (a.k.a. Rock'N'Rolf) - Vocals, guitars *Peter Jordan - Guitar *Peter Pichl - Bass *Matthias "Metalmachine" Liebetruth - Drums

= *Gates to Purgatory (1984) *Branded and Exiled (1985) *Under Jolly Roger (1987) *Port Royal (1988) *Death or Glory (1989) *Blazon Stone (1991) *Pile of Skulls (1992) *Black Hand Inn (1994) *Masquerade (1995) *The Rivalry (1998) *Victory (2000) *The Brotherhood (2002) *Rogues en Vogue (2005)

= *Ready for Boarding (1988) *Live (2002)

= *First Years of Piracy (1991) *The Story Of Jolly Roger (1998) *20 Years in History (2003)

= *Victim Of States Power (1984) *Bad To The Bone (1989) *Wild Animal (1990) *Little Big Horn (1991) *Lead Or Gold (1992) *The Privateer (199...

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