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"Runrig" are a Scottish folk rock band founded by brothers Rory and Calum MacDonald in 1973 in the rural Western Isles of Scotland. The band is now popular across the United Kingdom, Denmark and Germany and is notable for combining original songs in Gaelic with a rock sound, thus reflecting the Gaelic culture.

Runrig's first album was released in 1978. Called ''Play Gaelic'', it was a groundbreaking effort, as all the songs were in named language. The music is light, warm and acoustic based. The second album, ''The Highland Connection'', was released a year later on the bands own label, Ridge Records. A somewhat transitional album, it features wailing electric guitars strewn among pretty ballads. Here to be found is the original version of "Loch Lomond", Runrig's signature song and its closing song at concerts.

The artistical breakthrough came with ''Recovery'' in 1981, a thematical record dealing with the rise and politics of Scotlands Gaelic community. The music is there to match the ambitions and Runrig were now well on the way in molding their unique sound. The springboard to a mainstream market came in the form of ''Heartland'' in 1985, a strong record weldi...

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