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Rupert Holmes

"Rupert Holmes" (born February 24, 1947 in Northwich, Cheshire, England) is a composer and writer who grew up in the northern New York City suburb of Nanuet, New York, and attended nearby Nyack High School. Though he is best known for the 1979 novelty hit "Escape" (later subtitled "The PiƱa Colada Song"), he has had a varied and distinguished career in several media. That one song is so strongly associated with him that, in one interview, he reflected that his tombstone might well be a giant pineapple. Ironically, the line was in improv, originally written as "Humphrey Bogart."

As a recording artist, he broke through with 1974's ''Widescreen'' on Epic Records, which introduced him as a presenter of highly romantic, lushly orchestrated "story songs" that told a witty narrative punctuated by clever rhymes and a hint of comedy writing talent. His second, self-titled album led ''Rolling Stone'' to compare him to Bob Dylan in the sense of being an artist of unprecedented originality that commanded attention.

"Escape" was included on his fifth album, ''Partners in Crime'', and reached the Hot 100 No. 1 Hits of 1979. ...

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