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Tom Rush

"Tom Rush" (born on February 8, 1941, in Portsmouth, New Hampshire) was a popular folk and blues musician in the 1960s.

His father was a teacher at St. Paul's School, in Concord, New Hampshire. Tom himself began performing in 1961 while studying at Harvard University.

Rush is credited by ''Rolling Stone'' magazine with ushering in the era of the singer/songwriter. As well as performing his own compositions, he also covered songs by Joni Mitchell, Jackson Browne and James Taylor and helped gain them exposure.

His 1968 composition "No Regrets" has become an acknowledged standard, with numerous cover versions having been recorded. These include The Walker Brothers, who gave Tom Rush a belated Top Ten exposure as a songwriter in the UK singles chart.

*1962 - Tom Rush at the Unicorn

*1963 - Got a Mind to Ramble

*1965 - Blues, Songs & Ballads

*1965 - Tom Rush (''Elektra'')

*1966 - Take a Little Walk with Me

*1968 - The Circle Game

*1970 - Tom Rush (''Columbia'')

*1970 - Wrong End of the Rainbow

*1972 - Merrimack County

*1974 - Ladies Love Outlaws

*1975 - The Best of Tom Rush (''Columbia'')

*1982 - Tom Rush: New Year

*1982 - Tom Rush: Late ...

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