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Rusted Root

"Rusted Root" is a band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania known for their fusion of Grateful Dead-style bluegrass rock with a strong percussion section that draws from African, Latin, Native American and Middle Eastern influences. Rusted Root is often lumped together with other bands under the jam band label, though they have somewhat rejected this categorization.

*Michael Glabicki - lead vocals, guitars

*Jenn Wertz - guitars, percussion, vocals

*Liz Berlin - guitars, percussion, vocals

* Jason Miller- drums, percussion

*Patrick Norman - bass, guitar, baritone, vocals, percussion

*John Buynak - electric guitar, percusssion, flute

Rusted Root was born in 1992 with their indie debut Cruel Sun, which was rereleased in 2002. Their main-label debut album was 1994's ''When I Woke'', a hit on college radio and a platinum record. The album hit the top 40 in early 1995, peaking at #33. Along with their increasingly well-known live shows, Rusted Root began working on contributions to the movies ''Twister'' and ''Home for the Holidays''. Their next studio album was ''Remember'' (1996), followed by ''Rusted Root'' (1998) and ''Welcome to My Party'' (2002). Welcome t...

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