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Saigon Kick

"Saigon Kick" was a band from Florida that formed in 1988.

The line-up of the band on their first two albums was lead vocalist Matt Kramer, guitarist Jason Bieler, bassist Tom Defile, and drummer Phil Varone. After their second album, The Lizard, Matt Kramer and Tom Defile left the band, and Jason Bieler took up lead vocals as well as guitar for 1993's ''Water''. Their biggest hit single was Love is on the Way whose video was in the top 10 MTV countdown for many weeks.

Tom Defile went on to the band Left For Dead, and was replaced by ex-Cold Sweat bassist Chris McLernon as ''The Lizard'' hit the stores. They toured from summer 1992 to spring 1993, enjoying gold status sales for ''The Lizard''. They then headed to Sweden to record the follow-up, ''Water'', where Kramer quit the band in mid-recording. The band carried on, finishing in Tampa, Florida.

Screams-n-Dreams guitarist Pete Dembrowski joined the band for their fall 1993 ''Water'' tour and performed on the band's fourth album, ''Devil In The Details''. The band toured to large success globally in 1994, '95 and '96, but Saigon Kick died on the vine in their home country, the USA.

In July 1997, the band, with...

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