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"Sailor" is a British pop group mostly famous in the 1970s. Much of the best material revolved around sailors' adventures on shore leave, especially in the "red-light quarter". Dressing in sailor gear that went with the image, they might easily be dismissed as something of a novelty act, but created some enduring and finely crafted pop music. The group's leader, Georg Kajanus (real name Georg Hultgreen), had previously had minor success as a songwriter, notably by penning 'Flying Machine' for Cliff Richard in 1971 - though ironically it was Richard's first UK single that failed to reach the Top 30.

Another of the group's trademarks was the 'Nickelodeon', a scratch-built contraption of pianos, synthesisers, glockenspiels, etc. that allowed the four-man band to reproduce on stage the complex acoustic arrangements that they had done in the studio.

The group's first British single, 'Traffic Jam', attracted considerable airplay on radio on release in 1974, but it was 'A Glass of Champagne', issued late the following year, which gave them their breakthrough in that country, reaching No. 2. The follow-up, 'Girls, Girls, Girls' also made the Top 10, though of their subsequent sin...

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