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Saint Etienne

"Saint Etienne" is a British indie dance act, fronted by Sarah Cracknell (born April 12, 1967, Chelmsford, Essex). Ex-music journalists Bob Stanley (born December 25, 1964) and Pete Wiggs (born May 15, 1966) are the other regular members of the band. They are named after the famous French football team, AS Saint-√Čtienne, European Cup runners-up in the 1970s.

Saint Etienne are one of the bands who defined the early 90s indie dance genre, fusing the production values of the dance-pop that emerged in the wake of the Second Summer of Love with the clever lyrics and self-aware production of indie music.

Their early recordings were packed with generic house music clichés, such as standard TR-909 drum patterns and Italo house piano riffs, but they soon found a more original sound notable by the use of found dialogue, mainly from classic 60's British realist cinema as featured on their albums ''Foxbase Alpha'' and ''So Tough''. Some of these earlier recordings included skits by satirist Chris Morris. They began to shift towards a more atmospheric type of electronica in 2000 with the release of ''Sound of Water'', dividing their fanbase.

Their best known songs are...

years active 1988 – Present
status Active
country London, UK
music genre House music
current members Sarah Cracknell
Bob Stanley
Pete Wiggs
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source: Wikipedia