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"Salem" is an Israeli doom/death metal band, pioneers of the Oriental metal movement.

Salem, the first extreme metal band in Israel was formed in 1985, and is considered to be one of the first bands in the global underground scene who played brutal black metal, which can be heard in their self titled rehearsal tape from 1986 and their live demo "Destruction till death" from 1987 (recorded at the legendary 'pinguin' club which used to be famous as the only outlet for alternative music in Israel throughout the 1980's).

After 5 years of a successful underground career the band released another live demo "Millions Slaughtered "(1990).

This demo tape sold 1,500 copies and got the band a record deal with the German label Morbid Records.

"Creating our sins"(1992) and "Kaddish"(1994) were released by Morbid records and sold over 40,000 copies worldwide.

Prior to the release of "Kaddish", Morbid Records released a 7 inch picture EP with the single "Dying Embers"(1994) to promote the album, and when "Kaddish" came out, a limited edition of the album was released on vinyl (picture disc).

The opening song "The Fading" was played on M.T.V's headbangers ball rotation and...

years active 1985 - present
origin Giv'atayim, Israel
music genre Oriental metal
Death metal
Doom metal
current members Ze'ev Tananboim
Lior Mizrachi
Nir Gutraiman
Michael Goldstein
Nir Nakav
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia