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Sammy Johns

Sammy Johns

"Sammy Johns" is a country singer-songwriter best known for his 1975 hit, "Chevy Van".

Although he wrote a number of hit songs for other artists, Johns will always be remembered for the one he recorded himself, "Chevy Van", a song about a loose-loving man who picks up a woman while he's on the road, struck a loud chord with listeners in the sexually liberated '70s when Johns released it mid-decade. His mellow and easy style made love that was free and easy seem natural when he sang, "We made love in my Chevy van, and that's all right with me." The singer/songwriter sold more than three million copies in 1975, and the single flew to the top of the charts. The following year, van sales soared.

Johns didn't start out to write songs for other artists, but that's where he ended up. After his eponymous debut album from General Recording Corporation, which included "Chevy Van," the singer inked a deal in 1976 with Warner-Curb, which resulted in Johns working on the soundtrack to The Van, the first movie to feature Danny DeVito. The 1982 New World Records single "Falling for You" caught the eye of Elektra, and the company took Johns aboard and issued "Love Me off the Road" and "...

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