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Samsas Traum

"Samsas Traum" is an Industrial, black metal gothic band from Germany, fronted by Alexander Kaschte. The band started in 1996 when Alexander released his first solo-tape. Three years later the solo-project became a Terzett, and their official debut "Die Liebe Gottes - Eine märchenhafte Black Metal Operette" Trans.: "The Love of God - a Black Metal fairytale Opera" made most Industrial fans take notice with brilliant Industrial rock sound with Classical music. the follow up appeared in 2000 with the more sophomore "O Luna mein" Trans.: "O, Luna mine"; was a musically matured and varied album of more polished arrangements, balanced instrumentation and beautiful choir-parts. During in this time Alexander went on to create his darker alter-ego Weena Morloch, which was more noise music based, and included samples from horror movies. Many more Sasmas Traum have been released each year, with more Industrial/Classical arrangements.

*1996: Kazanian "Die Drei Mütter" / Samsas Traum "Nostalgische Atavismen" (Demo tape)

*1996: Homerecordings (Second Demo)

*1998: Elite (Third Demo)

*1998: Einblick in ein elitäres Debüt-Album (Fourth Demo)

*1999: Wiederveröffentlichung...

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