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Sanctus Real

"Sanctus Real" is a Christian rock band, originally from Toledo, Ohio. They are signed to Sparrow Records. Sanctus Real consists of Matt Hammit (vocals, rhythm guitar), Dan Gartley (bass guitar), Chris Rohman (lead guitar), and Mark Graalam (drums). They have released three albums with Sparrow Records and recorded a No. 1 hit with their cover of the U2 song ''Beautiful Day,'' for the project ''In the Name of Love: Artists United for Africa''. Their song ''Everything About You'' appears in a compilation album titled X Worship 2006 and on their 2004 release, ''Fight the Tide''.

* ''All This Talk of Aliens'' (1998, independent)

* ''Message for the Masses'' (1999, independent)

* ''Nothing to Lose'' (2001, independent)

* ''Say it Loud'' (2002, Sparrow)

* ''Fight the Tide'' (2004, Sparrow)

* ''The Face of Love'' (2006, Sparrow)

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