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Alejandro Sanz

{{ class="infobox biography" style="width: 16em; text-align: center;" |- ! style="font-size: 16px;" | Alejandro Sanz |- | style="font-size: 11px; line-height: 15px;" | < Image with disputed fair-use status removed: 160px -->

Alejandro Sanz on a magazine cover
|- |- | style="font-size: 12px;" | Born |- | style="font-size: 12px;" | 18 December 1968Madrid, Spain |- | style="font-size: 12px;" | Occupation |- | style="font-size: 12px;" | Singer, songwriter |- | style="font-size: 12px;" | Famous for |- | style="font-size: 12px;" | Más (album, 1997)No Es Lo Mismo (album, 2003) |- |} Alejandro Sanz, born Alejandro Sánchez Pizarro on December 18 1968 in Madrid, Spain, is a Spanish pop/ballad musician. The second son of María Pizarro Medina from Alcalá de los Gazules, and Jesús Sánchez Madero from Algeciras, Sanz began playing guitar at the age of seven and composing his first songs three years later. After moving to Moratalaz from the neighborhood ...
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