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Sarah Blasko

Sarah Blasko is an Australian musician. She was born 23 September 1976 in Sydney soon after her family returned from French-speaking Réunion Island where her parents had been missionaries.

An original and largely self-reliant musical artist, Blasko is known for her writing and production skills, as well as her unique voice and stage presence.

== Early History =

Blasko was first heard in the mid-1990s fronting Sydney band, Acquiesce, after an initial tour of France with founding members Dave Hemmings, Paul Camilleri, and her sister Kate Halcrow. With material written by Blasko and Camilleri, they recorded a single and an EP with producer Hugh Wilson, receiving some local attention.

== Solo Career =

In 2002, Sarah decided to go solo. Material for the "Prelusive" EP - a result of initial explorative collaborations with Wilson but fully realised with Nick Schneider and Steve Francis - was originally recorded as demos. However, after becoming disillusioned with the indecisiveness and lack of solid commitment from the labels she met with, Blasko decided to release and promote the material independently. With the financial a...
years active 2002 - present
country Australia
music genre rock music
current members Robert F. Cranny
Jeff De Araujo
past membersBen Fletcher
Jessica Chapnik
Gillian Cranny
Dave Keys
Nicholai Danko
Patrick Haid
AW Gregorace

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