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Satanic Surfers

The "Satanic Surfers" is a Swedish punk band.

Satanic Surfers played a major part in the Swedish melodic punk rock explosion that took place in the mid nineties. Combining strong melodies and fast paced punk-rock with both personal and political lyrics, the band soon reached audiences all over the world. Early influences include bands such as SNFU, RKL and The Misfits. The band was originally founded by Rodrigo and Erik in high school back in 1989. After having gone through line-up changes during its formative years, their debut EP "Skate to Hell" was recorded in 1993. After doing the first two pressings by themselves and selling more than 1,000 copies in a couple of months, the EP was re-released by Bad Taste Records in August 1994, as the first Bad Taste release ever! However, by this time Burning Heart Records had shown interest in the band and the second EP "Keep Out" was released on BHR in September the same year.

Before recording their debut full length album, the band made a line-up change that probably, more than anything, would define the sound of the Satanic Surfers; Rodrigo took over the vocal duties while still playing the drums. Satanic Surfers released three...

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