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Satyricon credit their first album, ''Dark Medieval Times'', with starting a black metal sub-genre of medieval metal. The album showed off the fascination Satyricon had with the Middle Ages, along with the raw black metal with blastbeats produced by Frost mixed with acoustic guitar and flute. On the next album ''The Shadowthrone'' this medieval spirit was preserved though it shifted to what is called viking/black metal.

Regarding one of their latest albums, ''Volcano'', the frontman of the band, ''Satyr'', stated in a press release/biography, published on their homepage, that "the music is rock based but more extreme; it is black metal pushing the boundaries that began with bands like Venom and Bathory, reinventing ourselves based on a foundation of rock oriented Black Metal is our philosophy." It resulted in a total of 4 Awards for ''Volcano'' being, the Norwegian Grammy for "Best Metal Album", an Alarm award for "Fuel For Hatred" in the category for "Song of the Year", as well as The Alarm Award for "Metal Album of the Year" and The Oslo awards for "Best Overall Album".

They have toured with Pantera, among others.

Most recently, the band released a new studio albu...

Origin Norway
Genre Black metal
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