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Savage Garden

Savage Garden was an Australian pop duo that enjoyed international success over the course of several years. The band was comprised of Darren Hayes (vocals) and Daniel Jones (keyboards, sequencing, and guitar).

In 1993, multi-instrumentalist and producer Daniel Jones placed an advertisement in Brisbane newspaper Time Off seeking a vocalist for his five-piece band Red Edge. Darren Hayes, who had previously been a kindergarten teacher, responded and was asked to join immediately after his first audition.

In June 1994, Darren and Daniel left Red Edge to pursue a career together. The new duo was named “Savage Garden” - a name taken from The Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice (“The mind of each man is a Savage Garden…”) of which Darren is a fan.

By the end of that year, the pair had penned enough songs for a demo tape, which they sent to various record companies around the world. In 1995, they entered the studio to work on their eponymous debut album.

In July of 1996, under Roadshow Music, the duo released their debut single “‎ I Want You.” The single was a hit i...

years active 1994–2001
origin Australia
music genre Soft Rock
current members Darren Hayes
Daniel Jones (musician)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia

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