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Saving Jane

"Saving Jane" (from Columbus, Ohio) is a band who wrote the hit song "Girl Next Door". The band consists of Marti Dodson, Pat Buzzard, Dak Goodman, Jeremy Martin, Joe Cochran, and Brandon Hagan.

It all started when Dodson and Buzzard became friends and realized that there was a musical connection between them. Then they contacted a drummer to help them record a song, and that is how they met Goodman. After that, they decided to start a band by borrowing a bass player from another band and by booking a few shows. Due to some issues between the bassist and drummer (involving flying chairs and such), they decided against the borrowed bassist. Enter Jeremy Martin. They recruited a lead guitarist, who was later replaced by Mike Ungar. Saving Jane's popularity grew because the fans loved the lyrics and the vocals. Joe Cochran was introduced to the band by a mutual friend. In February of 2006, Mike Ungar (also known as Dr. Mike) stepped down from the band for family reasons. Enter Brandon Hagan.

Their album ''Girl Next Door'' was released in October, 2005. After major radio play of the single of the same name, Universal Records picked them up. The album was re-release...

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