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"Saybia" is a Danish rockband that was formed in Nyborg in 1993. They released three EPs before signing to EMI in the spring of 2001, after which they started working on their debut album ''The Second You Sleep''. When this album was finished, the band started touring through Europe. In 2003, the band was about to break up. After recognizing this, the five bandmembers bought an old house on a Swedish island, renovated it and turned it into a studio. Saybia spent months on this island and wrote and recorded a lot of songs for ''These Are the Days'', which was released in 2004.

* Søren Huss (born 6 September, 1975) - Vocals and acoustic guitar

* Jeppe Langebek Knudsen (born 17 August, 1976) - Bass

* Palle Sørensen (born 8 September, 1979) - Drums

* Sebastian Sandstrøm (born 30 June, 1978) - Guitar

* Jess Jenson (born 8 March, 1977) - Keyboard

"Saybia" is a nameplay on the cymbal manufacturer 'Sabian', which is Palle's brand of choice.


* ''Dawn of a New Life'' (1998)

* ''Chapter 3'' (2000)

* ''Saybia'' (2001)

* ''The Second You Sleep'' (2002)

* ''The Live EP'' (2003)

* ''These Are The Days'' (2004)


* ''The Day After Tomorrow'' ...

years active 1993–present
status activa
music genre Rock (music)
country Denmark
current members Søren Huss
Jeppe Langebek Knudsen
Palle Sørensen (musician)
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia