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"Scarlet" was a UK duo from Hull. They originally consisted of Cheryl Parker (vocals, guitar) and Joe Youle (piano, keyboards, vocals). The group had a third member, Joanne Fox, but she left before the band had any major success.

The band had their first UK hit with "Independent Love Song" (UK #12) in 1995, which was followed by their album ''Naked'' (UK #53). The group's second UK single "I Wanna Be Free (To Be With Him)" became a minor hit (UK #21), but the next single "Love Hangover" flopped (UK #54).

In 1996, Scarlet issued a new single "Bad Girl", but this also stalled at #54. The album ''Chemistry'' missed the top 75 completely, and it was after this relative failure that WEA dropped the band and they went their separate ways.

"Independent Love Song" can be found on the soundtrack to the movie ''Bed Of Roses''.

*Independent Love Song #12 UK 1995

*I Wanna Be Free (To Be With Him) #21 UK 1995

*Love Hangover #54 UK 1995

*Bad Girl #54 UK 1996

*Naked #53 UK 1995

*Chemistry 1996

* Fan

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