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Scary Kids Scaring Kids

"Scary Kids Scaring Kids" is a post-hardcore band from Gilbert, Arizona. Their debut album, ''The City Sleeps In Flames'', was released on Immortal Records in 2005. During the summer of 2006, they played in the Warped tour. Scary Kids Scaring Kids olayed along side of bands such as Greeley Estates, Aiden, Bullet For My Valentine, So They Say, Silverstien, Chiodos and many more on the 2006 warped tour. Guitarist Steve Kirby plays a pevey roto raptor guitar.

*Tyson Stevens - Vocals

*Chad Crawford - Guitar, Vocals

*Steve Kirby - Guitar

*DJ Wilson - Bass

*Pouyan Afkary - Keyboard, Vocals

*Justin Salter - Drums


*Peter Costa - Drums


* ''The City Sleeps In Flames'' (2005)


* ''After Dark'' (2005)


*''Music on the Brain Vol. 2''

*''Punk The Clock Vol. 2''

*''Masters of Horror''

*''Punk Goes '90s''

*''U.S. Cellular Emerging Artists Vol. 1''

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