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"Scene" may refer to:

* Scene (fiction), an element of a larger fictional work such as a play

* Scene (filming), a part of action in a single location in a TV or movie

* Scene (subculture), a specific youth subculture

* Scene (BDSM), a complete encounter in BDSM

* The Scene, collection of pirate networks that obtain and copy new movies, music, and games, usually before they are even released

* The Scene (miniseries), a miniseries about the film piracy

* The Scene (band), there are two bands called The Scene, a Dutch rock band and a Canadian rock band

* Demoscene, a computer subculture

* Ocean Colour Scene, a rock band from Birmingham, England, United Kingdom

"Scene" may also refer to:

* A subculture, such as the "punk rock scene" or "gaming scene"

*A name used by Japanese Punk guitarist Minoru Kojima.



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