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Schandmaul is a German folk-rock group. The band often includes instruments typically used in Medieval folk songs such as the bagpipes and shawms that make up their folk-rock sound. The name 'Schandmaul' translates roughly as 'malicious tongue', and is linked to their mascot of a grinning jester.

Bands similar to Schandmaul include Subway to Sally, In Extremo, Saltatio Mortis, Regicide, and Letzte Instanz.


  • Wahre Helden (1999)
  • Von Spitzbuben und anderen Halunken (2000)
  • Narrenkönig (2002)
  • Hexenkessel (Live-Album & DVD, 2003)
  • Wie Pech und Schwefel (2004)
  • Bin Unterwegs (Erste Single, June 2005)
  • Kunststück (Live-Album & DVD) (July 2005)
  • Kein Weg zu weit (Single) (24. February 2006)
  • Mit Leib und Seele (31. March 2006)


  • Thomas Lindner: Voices, Acoustic guitar, Accordion
  • Birgit Muggenthaler: Flutes, Shawms, Bagpipe, Vocals
  • Anna Kränzlein: Violin, Hurdy gurdy, Vocals
  • Martin "Ducky" Duckstein: E-gui...
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