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Schism may refer to:

  • Schism (religion)

;Sports *The split in the sport of rugby football leading to the formation of rugby league and rugby union as separate sports. ;Music *Schism Rock Club, a rock music nightclub in Woking, Surrey, England *Schism Records, a New York City-based hardcore record label and fanzine *"Schism" (song), a Grammy Award-winning song by the band Tool, from the album Lateralus. ;Art *Schism, a webcomic by Leigh Bader. ;Fiction

  • "Schisms" (TNG episode), a Star Trek: The Next Generation episode

*Schism (novel), a novel by Catherine Asaro regarding the Saga of the Skolian Empire. *An event which occurred within the fictional V.F.D. organization in Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events. *In the Magic: The Gathering novel Guildpact, an anomaly caused by an engineered explosive is known as the Schism