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"Scream" was formed in Northern Virginia in 1981 by singer Peter Stahl, his brother Franz on guitar, bassist Skeeter Thompson and drummer Kent Stax. They are considered one of the benchmark bands in the history of the Washington, DC hardcore music movement. Along with bands such as Minor Threat and Black Market Baby, Scream ultimately merged the attributes of the movement, which were blinding speed, heavy political and social connotations in the lyrics, unpretentiousness of attitude, and shunning of commercialism. Their music is faithful to the roots of rock, but spun itself into other genres by employing sounds that predate the raunchiness of grunge, while saluting reggae and speed metal. Scream hated the classification of bands into certain types and considered what they played as simply 'music.' Recording their music in the basement of the now legendary Inner Ear Studios in Arlington, VA, Scream became the first band on the Dischord label to release a whole album,''Still Screaming,'' as oppossed to singles or 12 inch EP types. Like the world renowned metal/reggae band Bad Brains, they could play clearly at breakneck speed, but what set them apart were mid-tempo songs like "Ameri...
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