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"Seal" or "SEAL" may refer to articles connected to a variety of meanings of the word:

"A marine mammal:"

*"Seal", a large marine mammal: see pinniped within which there are three main groups:

**Earless seals (or true seals), members of the family Phocidae

**Eared seals (or walking seals), members of the family Otariidae, which includes:

***Fur seals, subfamily Arctocephalinae

***Sea Lions, subfamily Otariinae

*Seal hunting, both personal and commercial hunting of seals

* Gweek Seal Sanctuary, a charity funded sanctuary for injured seal pups on the banks of the Helford River, Cornwall, UK

* Natureland Seal Sanctuary, an animal attraction in Skegness, Lincolnshire, England

*Seal brown is a rich dark brown color ''RGB(50, 20, 20)'' (from the colour of dyed ''Fur seal'' fur)

"Fixing or closing to give a tight fit:"

*Seal (mechanical), a device to contain pressure, or exclude contamination from an enclosure

*Bridgman seal, named after Percy Williams Bridgman, seals a high pressure volume by the use of an unsupported area to create a higher pressure between two pistons

*Rotating face mechanical seal, a type of seal used in rotating equipment such...

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