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Second Coming

"Second Coming" are a rock band from Seattle, Washington formed in the mid-1990s. Lead singer/guitarist Bracht previously played for Peace and Silence, and guitarist Taft was a member of Sweet Water. They have toured with bands such as Monster Magnet.

*Travis Bracht (vocals, guitar)

*Yanni "Johnny" Bacolas (bass)

*Dudley Taft (guitar)

*Eric Snyder (guitar)

*James Bergstrom (drums)

*''L.O.V. Evil'' (1995) (Red Rocket)

*''Second Coming'' (1998) (Capitol Records|Capitol)

*''13'' (2003) (TimeStyle Music)

*''Acoustic'' (2003) (TimeStyle Music)

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|rowspan="4"|''Second Coming''



|"Vintage Eyes"







* Second Coming at the AMG

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years active mid-1990s–present
origin Seattle, Washington, United States
music genre post-grunge
current members Travis Bracht
Yanni Bacolas
Dudley Taft
Eric Snyder
James Bergstrom
license: GNU FDL
source: Wikipedia